Expanding into a new market, especially one as large and complex as Japan, can be intimidating.

At Japan we work to ensure that our clients have a smooth and direct route into Japan market, without any unwanted changes to your brands message or pricing structure. We act as a strategic partner, allowing you to maintain control over your brands direction.

We have the product launch infrastructure to make your entrance into Japan Market a rapid, profitable experience.

Our international division understands the challenges companies face when seeking to enter Japan market, and we offer proven comprehensive solutions for selling in to the largest market in the world.

F&E offers:
FDA label compliance review – F&E assists manufacturers in meeting federal government regulations, and industry standards in Japan.

Product line evaluation – F&E will make product recommendations based on the established market, and existing competition.

Trademarking/Brand Protection – F&E ensures that our clients maintain exclusive rights to their products and patents.

Product liability insurance – F&E will protect you from claims related to the manufacture or sale of your products in Japan, through the length of the contract.

Claims and regulatory review – F&E will review any marketing claims made to ensure compliance with Japan federal regulations.

Global logistics services – F&E will assist you in transporting products from their country of origin to Japan.

Customs assistance – F&E will prepare the customs entry into a Japan port and ensure delivery to specific destinations in Japan.

Speed to market/Sales velocity – F&E will quickly place you in the Japan market and grow your sales.

National network of power brokers – F&E has nationwide coverage when it comes to brokers capable of getting your products into the countries most sought after accounts. Our network of partners are strategically placed throughout Japan, and are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively present your product to senior buyers at major retail outlets.

Sales associate training – Product knowledge is crucial in promoting the features and benefits of specific brands to key accounts. Associates are educated about each product through regular regional sales meetings, and open communication throughout the sales cycle. Our seasoned associates are experts in attracting retail buyers’ interest and turning that interest into purchase orders and later, into consumer sales.

Procurement of purchase orders – We will obtain purchase orders from strategically targeted accounts that will provide your brand with critical exposure and begin to establish your brands profile in Japan.