In the early days of the Internet, people dreamed of being able to click images on their screens to have them delivered to their homes within a few days. That dream quickly became a reality, of course, but it happened through a series of fits and starts. Not surprisingly, major corporations got it right first, and that’s how behemoths like came to be. For a while, smaller companies could largely avoid online retail. Those days are over, though. No matter what kind of company you run or what you sell, you can’t afford to go without a strong, effective online retail presence.

Online Retail Sales Statistics Paint an Amazing Picture

Like many businesses, you may think you are getting along just fine without a solid online marketing plan. Online retail sales statistics tell a whole other story, however. After considering them a bit, you’re sure to agree that you are missing out on an incredibly lucrative and exciting opportunity:

– Online retail sales in Japan in 2015 surpassed $135 billion
– Online retail sales in Japan are expected to surpass $180 billion in 2020
– E-commerce is the fastest growing sector of Japan retail economy
– Two-thirds of people aged 50 and up make online purchases
– People aged 50 and up represent the largest constituency of online shoppers and account for more than one-third of the total
–’s online sales exceed $8 billion

Even if it seems like you’re faring well enough with a brick-and-mortar store, one thing is clear: Millions of people are online looking for what you’re selling. Without a strong, active online presence, your company is missing out on incredible profits.